On Camera

The first porn I ever shot was with Crashpad. I love Crashpad and if you haven’t seen the amazing hotness that is Crashpad I suggest you get over there right now and see what it’s all about.


Indie Porn Revolution,  subversive smut made by ladies, artists, and queers.  Created by Courtney Trouble.



The scene I with Jade Philips and Alaya Stone in 2013 for Queer Porn TV won best orgasm at the 2014 Briefs Erotic Short Film Contest.


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Lesbian Curves is a cross-platform project by award-winning porn star and producer Courtney Trouble. See my scene with Syd Blakovich here!



Nikki Silver of Naughty Natural put together a photo book, Unshaven. I was lucky enough to get a spot in the book! You can buy it July, 2015 on Amazon.



Padded Kink is a BBW BDSM website. It’s dedicated showing fabulous plus size folks  getting, spanked, tied, and fucked!